Frequently Asked Questions


For Sellers

Yes, the electric, gas & water must be on in the home to completed a whole home inspection.

A home inspection is not required in the state of Pennsylvania. However, an inspection completed by a certified home inspector can discover unknown defects prior to placing your home on the market.

By having an inspection prior to placing your home on the market you have time to make repairs. A home marketed with a home inspection report and repairs already made allows for a smoother transaction, while placing the sellers & buyers at ease.

You may choose to make the repairs to facilitate the marketing and sale of your home. Pennsylvania State Law does require the seller’s to reveal all defects on their Seller Disclosure Form.

You are not obligated to make repairs, they are a matter of choice. If the repairs are not made the defects will eventually effect the price the home sells for.


For Buyers

A comprehensive visual examination of accessible building components from top to bottom. Roof to foundation including major systems.

If you are purchasing home you should have it inspected by an experienced, certified inspector to notate any defects or deficiencies in the home. So that you know what to expect before you move in.

A whole home inspection includes the structure, roof, foundation, plumbing, heating and electrical systems. Including the walls, doors, windows and grounds.

Ask your Realtor to include an inspection contingency when you write the offer on a home. That way you can determine the number of days to complete the inspection and receive your report. What if the inspection report reveals problems? If your inspection report reveals a defect or deficiency the first thing to do is […]

Yes, it is a good idea to attend the inspection so you can learn about the systems, components and required maintenance in your new home. The inspector will also point out any defects. You should budget a few hours for the completion of the inspection depending on the size of the home.

There are many ways to find an inspector. Ask your Realtor, or a friend or relative who may have had a recent home inspection completed.

It is a good idea to have a newly constructed home inspected because there are many components and details performed by many different contractors during the construction process. An impartial home inspector hired by you will look for any details that may have been missed.